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Borjana (Kobarid)
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The village Borjana has approximately 150 inwoners. It lies in the natural park of the Breginjski Kot. In this park you can still meet deers, lynxes or wild pigs while wandering around. From Borjana there is a capturing view on the surrounding green valley and it jewel the river Nadiža. Mt. Stol, Mt. Matajur and Mt. Krn are also in this picture. The Nadiža is one of the most clean rivers left in Europe. An idyllic Napoleontic bridge hangs over the river. The camp site of Podbela lies on a couple of minutes drive. Here you will find a small supermarket and a bar. In Borjana you can find a gostilna (guest house/bar/restaurant) and another restaurant. Borjana belongs to the community of Kobarid (on 10 min. drive). The position of Borjana is close to the Italian border and near to the famous Italian and Slovene wine regions. The climate here has influence of the Mediterranean in the summer and of Alpine in wintertime.

The house is good maintained and can be nicely lived in. The house needs however some extra maintance here and there. All essential infrastructural connections are available. The house is easy accessible. In wintertime in case of severe snowfall the road is being cleaned within 24 hours. The same road is a very quiet road though. The garden that surrounds the house is big and creates the option of installing a swimming pool, a wellness center, a vegetable garden or fruit trees.

Provincie: (Noord) Primorska
Status: Vrijstaande eengezinswoning met grote tuin
Oppervlakte huis in m2: 124
Oppervlakte tuin in m2: 254